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Laura C. Retired Teacher - 2/3/17

Anxiety or stress causes me to have problems with concentration and sleepless nights.  I have found using the hand movement technique helps me to get my mind focused on other things beside my negative thoughts and worries.  Since I’ve learned this technique, I have used it when I feel anxious, angry, or stressed.  It can help also when you are sitting in traffic. 

Tamara M., MD – 1/2/17

Mrs. Blue was an amazing coach!!!!  I was completely new to this, and, to be honest, a little skeptical. But during my first visit, she helped me feel comfortable, explained the background behind the hand technique, and walked me through the demonstration several times until I felt comfortable doing it on my own.  She was always extremely kind, patient, and supportive.


I love that she was flexible enough to work around my schedule and always available if I needed help outside our sessions.  When I was having trouble moving passed a troubling memory, she provided me several effective strategies to overcome it.  By the end of the month I feel like an expert!  Now, anytime I'm having anxiety, I know I can use the hand technique and other methods she taught me and I am truly grateful for it!  I would highly recommend her!

Tracy H., Admin. Assistant (2/12/17)

All of us have things that we deal with on a daily basis. Some are worse than others. But when you add the things from our past then the days can be overwhelming.  I know I have pushed a lot of things to the back of my mind without ever dealing with them.  Ms. Blue has shown me a way to deal with those hurtful memories of the past and also to deal with my daily stress and anxiety. This hand technique is so easy that anyone can do it.  Simply use this technique and feel the tension leave your body.  I highly recommend this method to anyone who struggles with hurtful memories and daily anxiety. 

Jacqueline M., Surgical Technician (3/3/17)

Hello my name is Jacqueline. I've been using this new method as a way of living for a few weeks now.  I must say it opened my eyes to a lot of hidden baggage. The ability to put certain situations in its place was extremely helpful.  I thank you, Athena, for wanting to share this information and helping me deal with uncomfortable memories in my life. I now feel more hopeful about my future; my past no longer owns me.

Donna R., Business Owner-1/16/17

Over my lifetime I as well as others have experienced events that have really pierced my heart and soul. The soul is acknowledged as the will, mind and emotions of all human beings. I carried hurts I experienced as a child around so long that they seemed to become a standard part of my personality. Fast forward to adolescence and young adult hood, then adulthood, a cesspool of emotions fed by memories had built up.  I kept the memories of those experiences deep inside, so deeply were they buried that I just accepted I would always live with the fact of being damaged in my mind and spirit.  I moved through life as an actress; my script was my past.


In October of last year I met Athena via the internet. We agreed to meet up for lunch one afternoon and that was the beginning of "finding my way back to me!" The conversation was fun and interesting. Athena began to tell me about her Life Coaching program.  I was interested in finding out more.  We set up a time to meet in a place not quite as noisy as a Lunch Cafe! 

The instructions were simple and Athena was right there to demonstrate the moving parts and to balance the anxiety of doing something unfamiliar that deals with emotions. It was a life-changing encounter that day! As I moved through the exercises (not physical) I became more relaxed and the process ran smoothly! After a while, I truly could not remember the hurtful memory at all! I was amazed!  I continued through the process to complete the required 28 days. It was easy and did not require a lot of time.


I still practice what I learned with Athena, and can truthfully say, I am much better at maneuvering through the rough patches of life we all experience at one time or another! I wholeheartedly encourage working with Athena Blue as a Life Coach! She introduced me to a way of coping with life issues that gave me a way to cope with moving through and moving on from memories that were paralyzing me, and the thing is......I didn't even realize that was happening! I encourage you to set up a discovery session with Athena, you'll be so happy you did!  I know I am!

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