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I am a mother, registered nurse, health coach, and PTSD/Emotional Wellness Specialist.



●      Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing

●      Certifications

o   PTSD/Emotional Trauma/Wellness Specialist

o   Health Coaching

o   Reiki I/II

o   John Maxwell speaker/coach/teacher

o   Colon Hydrotherapist

My interest in health and nutrition was born from the challenges of being a caregiver for my spouse who battled cancer for 9 years. As a result, I became passionate about helping people restore their physical health and free themselves emotionally from past negative experiences.  I found out that these 2 areas, health and emotional wellbeing, are interconnected.

Almost everyone has suffered some sort of bad/sad/

negative or traumatic event in their lifetime. Most occur in childhood, the formative years, which leaves many subconscious negative programs running silently in the background of our minds, preventing us from reaching our true potential. When an individual experiences some sort of trauma, whether physical or emotional, and left unresolved, it is packaged in their mental suitcase to be carried around with them everywhere they go in the form of baggage. 

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