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Power of One (PO#1)  Health Coaching Benefits:

**All coaching packages include (2) 50 min sessions/month, email support between sessions (one email), monthly meal plan and informational handouts.

Renewal Package (6 sessions):

Green is the color of nature, growth, renewal and rebirth. It is the color of spring where the earth is reborn and revitalized; and so it will be with you. This package is your introduction to restoring yourself back to a sense of wellbeing.

Additional features include:
• One FREE workshop/webinar (must be used within

the 6 session period)

Cost: $420.00

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Vitality Package (12 sessions):

Orange is a healing color which inspires creativity, vitality, endurance and zest for life. This package reinforces positive behaviors learned and explores the primary foods that affect your life to bring all aspects into balance to regain your zest for life.

  • Additional E-mail support between sessions (2)

  • More meal plan options to choose from

  • Two FREE workshops/webinars (must be used within the 12 session period)

  • Access to private FB group

Cost: $780.00

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Serenity Package (18 sessions):

Blue is a calming color which symbolizes inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. This package helps you to ensure all positive behaviors are now an integral part of your lifestyle so that you know you can achieve any goal you go after.

  • Additional E-mail support between sessions (3)

  • Three FREE workshops/webinars – must be used within the 18 session period

  • Access to private FB group

  • One 40 minute emotional coaching session (must schedule)

Cost: 1,080

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Group Coaching:  Offers all the same benefits of individual Basic Package (minus the FREE workshop). Group coaching will be held online via video conference call. Group will meet twice month

Group Basic Package:

Group Coaching offers the opportunity to be coached within a group setting and has the benefits of:

•    Reduced cost (per person, per session)
•    Have accountability partner(s)
•    Lose weight with a friend(s)
•    Benefit of collective experiences – comradery of the group

A group will consist of no less than 4 and no more than 6 people. The group will meet for six 50-minute sessions, once every two weeks. Therefore, each person must commit for six sessions. There is an option to renew at the end of the term.

Payment for the sessions will be made in advance of the sessions for that month. Essentially, this is a 6 month subscription to Group Health Coaching. Clients who pay for all 6 sessions up front qualify for a discounted price.

Group Package: $110/person/month

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Primary Package:  Cost: $780. This is the intro to your emotional/spiritual healing.

Client is taught life-long skills to help release negative emotions and memories.

Primary Package

Emotional and Spiritual Wellness Coaching Benefits:

  • Clear anxiety, depression, sadness, grief from loss

  • Clear your own pain, blame, shame

  • End your flashbacks and nightmares

  • End your mood swings and rage

  • Experience better sleep

  • Improve relationships

  • Value you, again


Some of the situations this coaching is valuable for:

  • Church Hurt

  • Grief – loss of loved one or pet

  • Caregiver help

  • Chronic illness

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Divorce

•    One 50-minute session each week
•    Email support between sessions
•    Telephone support between sessions (designated times)
•    Handouts and other materials

Primary Package – 6 sessions $780

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Maintenance Package:

Maintenance Package – Cost $780. Reinforces newly learned skills to ensure

consistency and to continue forward progress of client learning other skills.

Client would sign up for another 6 sessions.

Maintenance Package $780

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MEAL PLANS:  6 Month Nutrifit Plant-Based Meal Plan Subscription…$25.00/month

Nutrifit Meal Plan

Delicious, healthy plant-based meal plan takes the guess work out of wondering what to prepare for dinner. These back-to- basic whole food meals are gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free. There is an option to renew every 6 months.

$25 a month

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MEAL PLANS:  6 Month Nutrifit Plant-Based Meal Plan Subscription…$25.00/month

Eat Without Apology Meal Plan

Eat Without Apology Meal Plan Subscription… $35.00/month

This plan, created by my colleague, Julia Sarver, features appealing real food recipes made from

seasonal foods. It includes meat, poultry and fish along with some pictures of prepared dishes as

well as a grocery list. There are also some ‘how to’ videos included.  You have an option

to renew every 6 months 

$35 a month

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